6 Myths About What Women Want

Myths about what women want

Myths about what women want

When it comes to relationships, men are being bombarded with information that leads them to think that they know what women want. They couldn’t be more wrong.

There are myriad myths out there about what women want from men, so I’m going to debunk a few for you today:

Myths about what women want

1- Women want to make love

While it’s not completely untrue that women enjoy a soft, sensual love session every now and again, women also enjoy being ravished and controlled in bed.

I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t enjoy submitting to her man and letting him take lead of her body in bed.

Myths about what women want

2- Women want you in touch with your feminine side

Never has one expression been taken so out of context. When this phrase was coined, it meant that women wanted men to help around the house; it didn’t mean that we wanted to see you break down and cry at the sight of a cute kitten in a toilet paper commercial.

Women don’t want effeminate men and they don’t want men who are too in tune with their feelings. We want men with machismo and testosterone coursing through their veins.

Myths about what women want

3- Women want to take care of you

While many women do enjoy cooking and looking after their men, too many guys make the mistake of taking advantage of that. This is not an era where women’s objectives are to be homemakers.

When she takes care of you, appreciate it and know that she’s doing it because she wants to, not because she has to. This is what makes her care-taking doubly impressive.

Myths about what women want

4- Women want equality

While it’s true that women want equal pay for equal work, don’t think for one second that women don’t want a chivalrous man who will help her when she needs it.

Sure, women are more independent than ever, and while there is no rule book on which parts of feminism women which to delete, know that just about every woman enjoys being treated like a lady.

Myths about what women want

5- Women want to be your everything

While it’s great that you’re devoted to loving only her, understand that the lady in your life wants you to have more than just a girlfriend. You had a life before her, keep that going.

If you dismiss all your friends and stop playing soccer on the weekends with the boys, she will start thinking you’re a loser with security issues. Or worse, the dreaded nice guy.

Keep your friends and keep your extra-curricular activities, and you’ll get to keep your girlfriend.

Myths about what women want

6- Women want a ring

Despite what all these dating books and chick flicks might have you believe, many women are content with dating without the immediate intention of marriage.

And yes, while it may be true that 5 years of dating may change all that, when you first begin dating, there’s a good chance that she just wants to get to know you without the intention of having your children by year’s end.

And if you don’t believe this, test it out. Next time you’re out on a first date, tell your date that you want to get married and have kids. Watch how fast she bolts. Yes, even women scare off if the marriage talk begins at date #1.

More myths about what women want?

If you think I left something out or disagree with me, let me know in the comments below.

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  • http://wa12lock.com Nick

    I would like to see this one discussed. Women can hold off on sex more and longer than men because they don’t crave it as much.

  • Lisa

    Nick, many women crave sex, probably just as much as men. Of course there are many women who have low sex drives (and there are men who do as well) but to be fair, sex is just as important to most women as it is to most men. Unfortunately, many women aren’t as in touch with their sexuality and what it takes to bring them to the highest level of pleasure as they could be. That makes them think sex isn’t for them. But once these women learn more about their bodies and harness their sexual prowess (or start dating a guy who actually knows what he’s doing in bed) then they start craving it more. Sex makes people feel good. Women too.

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