iPhone’s Girlfriend App

iPhone's Girlfriend app

iPhone's Girlfriend app

The very useful iPhone seems to have an app for everything, and I’m pretty sure it’s true. Now they have an app called “Girlfriend.”

The Girlfriend app is designed to help men set up automated text messages and emails to be sent to the girlfriend based on the man’s specific criteria. What is this relationship criteria?

  • Relationship Seriousness
  • How often you’d like to communicate

Messages that get sent are pretty funny but never get vulgar (there’s probably an Ex-girlfriend app for that). The Girlfriend app has a database of thousands of messages, which keeps messages fresh and original. And they will always be signed off by the boyfriend.

Then there are “advanced settings” that allow the boyfriend to enter more relationship and personal information like anniversaries, birthdays, her eye color, etc. This way, no boyfriend ever has to forget his girlfriend’s birthday, their anniversary and messages like, “Did you know that we started dating 37 days and 8 hours ago?” can be sent to her.

And there is also a history feature so that you can recall what messages you sent ot her in case she brigns them up in conversation.

I have to warn men though; I can’t imagine any woman not being freaked out by a man who remembers when they started dating, down to the hour.

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