Dating Website For Rich Chinese Women

There are 36 single female millionaires in China.

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Single you say? In fact, yes. Single and even struggling to find suitable matches!

These highly eligible ladies are in luck though. There is basically a global manhunt to find each and everyone one of them suitable husbands.

Date the .00000036% anyone?

datedaily mate1

Johnny Du, from has declared it his mission to find love for China’s richest bachelorettes. And the  help is sorely needed. Social norms prevent the well-off women from easily finding love. As well, China’s online dating industry typically focuses on matching men, due to the higher population ratio of men to women in China, which leaves many men single. In fact, this is such a problem that the dating industry in China is quite robust ( siting $30 million in profits last year). Even the government is concerned with the large number of single men, creating programs and awareness to encourage dating. Men have lots of help, but still dating is usually to the woman’s advantage. Females have a bigger selection and it is quite common for women to insist that a male has a house, a job and adequate finances, before even considering them as a potential partner ( get more on Chinese dating). Unfortunately for the wealthier women, their unique high status in society makes them difficult to match with a honourable partner.

A few years ago Xu Tianli took on a similar task of Johnny Du, to match up the richest men in China with “aristocratic love” . Tianli created asite called Golden Bachelor, which cost $44,000 just to join. He had “love hunters” actively crawly the site to seek beautiful women to present to the rich men.


What do you think?

Should the richest bachelors hook up with the richest bachelorettes? Or should they share the wealth and be encouraged  to marry less wealthy companions?

Tell us your thoughts!

datedaily mate1



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