8 Signs You’re Dating A Bitch

Signs you're dating a bitch

Signs you're dating a bitch

When you’re dating, it’s commonplace to get caught up in your situation and lose perspective, but don’t think for one second that those around you aren’t keeping score.

If you read the details below and I’m essentially describing your girlfriend, run, don’t walk, away from your relationship.

Signs you’re dating a bitch

1- She’s self-absorbed

No matter what your day was like, hers was important and more important. If you want to do something and she doesn’t, she always wins, otherwise she will whine and complain the other time.

If you’re dating a woman who makes all your needs and wants secondary to hers, you’re dating a bitch. Full on.

Signs you’re dating a bitch

2- She criticizes every move you make

You just can’t get it right and she tells you about it every time you’re together. It has come to a point where you actually feel nervous and anxious about doing anything around her for fear of criticism.

Don’t be one of those guys who does everything to try to please his girl; if she can’t appreciate who you are, the way you are, then tell her to get lost.

Signs you’re dating a bitch

3- She makes fun of you in front of friends

Whether it’s your friends or hers, she manages to poke fun at you to the point where even your friends are feeling uncomfortable. She even laughs the loudest after she’s done belittling you.

If you don’t like it, tell her you don’t like it. And if she doesn’t stop acting like such a bitch, do the same to her in front of her friends before you dump her ass.

Signs you’re dating a bitch

4- She expects more than what you give

No matter if you bought her a gift for a holiday, gave her a rose just because, made her dinner because she was working late, or took her on a ski trip, it’s never good enough and she always insists that you left something out.

If every time you try to do something nice, it’s met with a frown and a critique, perhaps you’d be better of single. Or, at least, not with this particularly unappreciative biatch.

Signs you’re dating a bitch

5- She uses sex as a bargaining chip

If you want to get laid, you constantly have to be on your best behavior because she has made it clear that if you mess up, you will not be getting between her legs.

When any woman uses sex as a weapon or as a way to get what she wants, it’s obvious that she’s a schemer and that is not the kind of woman you want to be spending your time with.

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