Advantages Of Dating Older Men

Advantages of dating older men

Advantages of dating older men

Even in high school, I wanted to date the college guys. I wasn’t sure why then, because in retrospect, their mentality wasn’t that different from the teenage guys in my classes, but now I know why I prefer dating older men.

Salt and pepper hair and laugh lines aside, there are a host of reasons why women, at least once in their lifetime, gravitate towards older men. And by older I don’t necessarily mean from the geriatric ward of your local hospital; an older man simply comes from a different generation.

My last older boyfriend was 10 years my senior and, although I sometimes didn’t get his references to things like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Doctor Who, there was no doubt that we had a whole lot in common otherwise.

So what is it about dating older men that makes younger women flock their way? Well, for starters:

Advantages of dating older men #1

They’re financially secure

There are doubtless older men who still don’t have their act together, but considering most men base their self-worth on their assets, it’s safe to say that the majority of older gentlemen have their finances in order.

That’s not to say that women who prefer older men are gold diggers, but there’s a sense of safety that comes with dating a man who uses his money to have a good time rather than make rent.

Advantages of dating older men #2

They’re seasoned & experienced

Not only does the single older man know his wine, he is cultured and has seen much of the world and the lessons it has to teach. He can hold a stimulating conversation about the history of the Taj Mahal and make love to a woman’s brain with his wisdom.

He has traveled and networked, meeting people and seeing places that his companion hopes to one day experience.

And when he asks a woman out on a date, the older man has the evening planned and can even recommend a dress for her to wear, should she so desire.

Advantages of dating older men #3

They don’t have those immature moments

Have you ever been the boyfriend who gave the impression that he was mature, but a few months into the relationship, you suddenly became childish and wanted to wrestle your girl to the ground for no reason? Well, some women find that adorable; women who prefer older men don’t.

Older guys are comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel the need to have WWE moments, nor do they feel inclined to make women jealous or play head games. They just want to spend some quality time with their lady.

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