5 Things Men Want In Relationships

What men want in relationships

What men want in relationships

Dating is an interesting and, at times, frustrating pursuit that can leave men and women wondering what they did wrong when things don’t go well. Of course, it does take two to tango, so relationship problems aren’t ever just one person’s fault. There are many articles about what women want from men, and many guys try their best to give women what they want — but what do men want in relationships?

Contrary to popular opinion, men want several crucial things in a relationship, some of which are listed below:

What men want in relationships

1- Great sex

This one might as well be taken care of first, because it is something that is constantly on most men’s minds. Men want sex regularly and are looking for the right person with whom to share this beautiful act. Sure, some guys just have sex with anyone, but most are unhappy with their lives and want that one special woman to settle down with.

What men want in relationships

2- Unconditional love

When they screw up, they know they screwed up. Sometimes it is hard for guys to admit that they’re wrong, but they are harder on themselves than anyone else would ever be. Unconditional love means that they have someone who will love them and be there for them in the best and the worst of times. When you have someone that loves you unconditionally, it is the greatest feeling in the world.

What men want in relationships

3- Full trust

Men want a woman they can trust no matter what, and they just want to be trusted in return. Nothing is more of a turn off than being accused of cheating or being questioned unreasonably about what took so long to get home. On the other hand, if a guy is unable to trust his girlfriend, he will quickly be looking to move on; worrying about whether their girlfriend can be trusted or not is time-consuming and stressful.

What men want in relationships

4- Adequate time & space

Guys need some time to be alone, as well as time to spend with his friends or hobbies. Keeping a man from doing the things that he loves is the best way to push him away. Of course, there needs to be some balance between the girlfriend and other friends; too much of anything is never a good thing. Simply put, men want to be able to have time with you and still be able to see their friends without feeling bad about it.

What men want in relationships

5- Consistent desirability

More than anything else, guys want to feel good when they’re with their special someone. When guys fall for a girl, they usually fall pretty hard. Remember the way things felt at the beginning of the relationship? Men want every day to feel like that—no worries, just pure love and commitment to one another.

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  • http://www.luvemorleavem.com/blog Tina T

    I agree with all the items in your list. I think that time and space are the most overlooked by women and one of the biggest causes of fights. Some women just try to smother their man, and the results are never pretty.

  • Krystal

    I completely agree with all five reasons listed above. Trust, space and commitment are one of the most important key steps in a relationship.

  • http://none Johnny

    Another list which is wrong. Of course written by someone who thinks they know relationships. These articles are like horoscopes – they seem true in general. I wonder where the article first appeared – google or bing search?

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  • http://datedaily.mate1.com Gina

    Great tips.


  • http://www.datingwebsites.org/ Cory

    Great sex is #1 and Full trust is #3…. that doesn’t speak very well for men =) Would you say women are like that too? I mean we always say that we want love and trust but have you ever seen a woman date someone from whom she can’t get great sex?

  • http://www.topdatingwebsites.co.uk top dating websites

    Great tips, most of them are very true.

  • http://twitter.com/Spinsterlicious eleanore s wells

    Hell, that’s what I want, too!