10 Valentine’s Gifts For Men

Valentine's gifts for men

Valentine's gifts for men

The 14th of February will soon be upon us and while most women expect to receive something incredibly special from their men, others want only to please them. And what usually sums up Valentine’s gifts for men? Food and/or sex, and not in that particular order.

Here then are the top 10 Valentine’s gifts for men.

Valentine’s Gifts For Men

10- Trip to a strip joint

Blindfold your guy, get him into your car and head to the hottest strip joint you know. He will freak out.

First, get him a dancer that you think is really sexy and let her do her thing for him; then get her to dance for you. Feel free to get all wet and bothered by it; there’s no doubt that he, and most other guys in the room, will do the same.

Valentine’s Gifts For Men

9- Box of chocolates with porn

Guys aren’t the biggest fans of chocolate, but pair it up with some porn flicks and you got yourself the gift that keeps on giving.

Start off by handing him the box of chocolates, and when he give you the “uh, thanks, this is great” speech, pop in the movie without telling him what it is and mimic what they’re doing onscreen. Mind you, you may end up on your knees for a good 45 minutes.

Valentine’s Gifts For Men

8- Threesome

If you and your boy have this kind of relationship, get another woman to join you for this festive occasion. Let the liquor flow freely and dance the night away before you all head to the bedroom where sex for 3 will become all the rage.

Remember that your job is to stay focused on him; and if you’re the jealous type, avoid this type of gift altogether – it will only cause him (and you) misery in the afterglow of the aftermath.

Valentine’s Gifts For Men

7- Hot, masturbatory bath

Light up the bathroom with candles and run a hot bubble bath for your man, complete with oils. Sponge his body clean and engage in some sexual conversation so that he gets aroused.

Slowly make your way under the water until your hand is wrapped around his erection and begin stroking him slowly; speed up as his excitement does.

Valentine’s Gifts For Men

6- Hotel room hooker

Rent a hotel room and tell him to meet you there that evening. When he shows up, he will be surprised by who is in the room.

You will be dressed like a high class whore and treat him like a stranger who’s paying you to do what you do. A skin tight black dress, f*ck me boots and thigh high stockings ought to do it. He must ask and you must perform.

Valentine’s Gifts For Men

5- Access to your backside

Every guy wants to get to your ass at least once in his life. Why not give it to him on such a special occasion?

Invest in some lubrication and make sure to relax if this is your first time. Or you can get access to his backside and give his G-spot a spin or two.

Valentine’s Gifts For Men

4- Game day oral sex

There’s nothing more relaxing and arousing for a guy than being able to watch the game, drink a beer and receive oral sex from the woman he loves.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to try your damnedest to make it impossible for him to concentrate on the game.

Valentine’s Gifts For Men

3- Limo ride sex

Rent a limo for 3 hours and drive around the city. Make sure to equip it with drinks and whatever you need to make after sex pleasant. Then, while he’s taking in the sights, you should taking him in… slowly.

Undo his shirt and pants and kiss down his chest until you get to his penis, at which point you will suck him to the point where he is moaning and groaning. Then you will lift up your dress and ride him like a pony.

Valentine’s Gifts For Men

2- Skimpy lingerie & strip

Invest in some of the skankiest lingerie you can get your hands on… g-string and triangle bra top ought to do it. Put on your high heels and blast a song you strip to in the mirror when you’re alone.

Make sure you incorporate stripper-ish moves (spank yourself and look at him from between your legs)… then, just before the song ends, get on all fours and ask him to f*** you.

Valentine’s Gifts For Men

1- Steak & oral sex

Men love meat. Men love oral sex. Put the two together and you’ve got yourself a man who will be loyal for life. I strongly recommend, though, that you start with the BJ.
And hey, I’m not talking about a 2-second, lickety split BJ… oh no, I’m talking down on your knees until the job is done, complete with swallow BJ.

After that, serve your man his meat and potatoes just the way he likes it, and let him relax and digest when all is said and done. I know this day is usually celebrated on the 14th of March, but why not surprise him this year?

Valentine’s gifts men really want

You might not want to do half of these things and hey, that’s fine. But just remember that if you really are intent on making your guy happy, then at least one of these gifts should be considered this year.

Happy Valentine’s day ladies!