Things Women Do In Their 20s That They Regret in Their 40s

Things women do in their 20s that they regret in their 40s

Things women do in their 20s that they regret in their 40s

When we’re in our 20s, we’re invincible – nothing can touch us because we are at the peak of knowledge and looks. Unfortunately, it isn’t until we start pushing 40 that we look back and realize all the stupid things we did and the things we should’ve done that we didn’t do.

1- Posting naked pics on the Net

Sure, you’re hot and your breasts are so perfect that plastic surgeons cower in your presence, but when you’re 40 and start looking for a job in the public sector, those pics of you showing everything but nipple and ass crack will come back to bite you in the kisser.

2- Getting tattoos

With perfect skin and perhaps a few too many drinks, the idea of getting a tattoo on your lower back, shoulder, or hip might seem like a fantastic and totally original idea. But it’s not; there are a million just like you.

Besides, when you’re 40, chances are the tattoo just won’t look the same and your kids will make fun of you for having it.

3- Choosing men over friends

“But I love him, he’s going to be here forever.” No, he won’t, but there’s a good chance that your friends will stick around, so before you dump all your girlfriends to spend all your time with your boyfriend, remember that there’s a good chance he won’t be the one you commit to for life.

4- Marrying too young

I can’t tell you how many girlfriends got married at 22 and then had a mid-life crisis at 36. Before you commit yourself to a man on paper, enjoy life a little. Travel, gain sexual experience, live alone. Get to really know yourself.

5- Getting bad credit

Yeah, those plastic cards that you just hand over to salespeople? Well, it’s not free money. Eventually you will have to pay them off and if you don’t, you will have terrible credit and will never be able to buy a house under your name. For shame.

6- Over tanning

Yes, you look so much better with a tan, we all do – at least in our 20s. But once you hit your 40s, the wrinkles and loose skin will attack you with a vengeance. So take it easy in the sun and use SPF to keep yourself looking hot in the long run.

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