How NOT to get a second date

When I was a single male on the dating scene, I often wondered how I could exit a first date without being rude. Let’s face it, blind dates can be awkward. Sometimes you  know you won’t connect right from the start.  Here’s a few tips on how to guarantee you will turn her off without being an asshole.

When you know you don't want a second date...

How NOT to get a second date.

1.    Tell a story about your ex.

“You know, you remind me so much of my ex Mandy it’s scary.  She also used to make a noise as she sipped her drink…”

2.    Tell her about your crazy parents.

“I can’t wait for you to meet my Dad,… he just loves young women. My Mom once caught him watching teen-porn and it was totally hilarious!”

3.    Mention your lack of motivation for finding a “real” career.

“Sometimes I think I just want to quit my job and move to Costa Rica where I can surf and smoke full time… have you been?  The hostels there are awesome.”

4.    Ask if you can crash at her place.

“My bro is in town and he’s throwing a kegger at my place. Mind if I crash on your couch or something?”

5.    Talk non-stop about Facebook.

“I have 500 friends Facebook and I love chatting on FB IM. What’s your status update? Did you read mine today? It said: ‘BLIND DATE TONIGHT! YEAH BABY!”"

6.    Selectively talk about some of your favorite TV shows.

“I just PVR’d Jersey Shore, the Bachelor, and the latest episode of the Kardashians… do you watch any of those? I love Kim K, she’s amazing.”

7.    It’s all about Justin Bieber.

“I find Justin really inspiring. Did you see him perform at the Grammy’s? Wow what a success story!”

8.     Ask her if she has an extra bus ticket for the ride home.

9.    Tell her that you just redeemed your Subway card for a free sub!

10.    And, finally, ask her kindly if she’d mind splitting the bill!!

No, I didn't really eat much of the dessert, you pay for that...

  • Joanne

    The above tips are good, and women will not be impressed by the above but you have to remember that there are a certain few women who won’t take NO for an answer!!!!

  • How to get girls

    great tips! you should pay attention if you want a second date.

  • Daniel for Richtig Flirten

    LOL…never thought of that!!

    Great tips