Do Short Men Struggle to Date Online?

Online dating is great because you can filter and select to search for your preferences. Who doesn’t want to search for their ideal date!?

But is it possible that your preferences are filtering out good dates?

For instance, when you see that a guy is 5′ 6″, you may think, too short and pass up his profile. But what if he is a great guy? You just let him go.

Maybe you didn’t even see his profile, because you’re searching for men over 6 feet tall.

Do short men even stand a chance?

Dating online can be impossible for shorter men, even if they are handsome, successful, fun and everything else you’d want out of man. Don’t let the short man down!

Take height out of the filter and stop dating tall jerks!


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  • free dating sites

    I don’t think that this is problem, everyone can find a date, short or long!

  • Richard

    If you’re a man, unless your a minimum 5ft 10/maybe even 5ft 11, you’ll struggle to date online especially if you’re going after attractive women. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve got good profile pics, have a well written profile, write tailored messages, and are successful in life generally. You’ll still be passed over.

    If you’re guy under 5ft 10, you should probably look at other ways to meet people/women which will give your personality a greater chance to shine.

  • Anonymous

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