5 Signs He’s A Man On The Rebound

Man on the rebound

Man on the rebound

There are quite a few labels that women are given that aren’t very flattering; besides the usual “s” and “w” words, there are other less vulgar terms like home-wrecker and, the focal point of this article, the “rebound girl.”

And being the rebound girl can be fun, but definitely not once the party’s over.

Here then, are some signs that he’s a man on the rebound and what you can do to avoid being the transition girl when it comes to a man on the rebound.

Man on the rebound sign #1

He was the dumpee

If he tells you the sob story about his past relationship and makes it clear that he was the one who got dumped, you can probably bet that he’s rebounding. Especially if he got dumped yesterday (or some time close to that).

If you want to be more to him than an ear and a vagina, get him to stop wallowing in the past and show him that there’s more to life than just one woman who ripped his heart out.

Don’t be afraid to talk about the touchy things: Let him reveal what he wants to reveal and ask the tough questions about why she dumped him, whether he thinks he did anything wrong, and what he wants for the future. It’s better you find out where he stands now rather than be led on for months before he leaves you.

Man on the rebound sign #2

He’s over enthusiastic about you

If you get the feeling he’s overplaying the relationship and always pointing out how awesome everything is, you’re probably right. Chances are he’s overcompensating for that emptiness he’s feeling from his last relationship.

It’s great that he appreciates that you’re different from his last girl and maybe even that you helped him to get out of that slump he was in, but being over enthusiastic will not resolve his issues.

Step up to the plate and call him on his behavior. Let him know that it’s okay if he doesn’t feel fantastic every minute he’s with you and that you understand that some days are better than others.

Man on the rebound sign #3

He talks about “her” too often

The first comparison he made between you and her was okay. You were even able to let the second one slide because, well, you came out on top once again. But after the third or fourth time, it’s time you said something about it.

When it begins to feel like he’s trying to convince himself that you’re better than she is, then there’s obviously an issue. You can either ride it out or make it clear that you’re not happy about being compared to her constantly.

It’s not abnormal to make “ex” and “current” comparisons by any means, but when it becomes a habit, you should mention that you’re in the room and she’s not.