Dating A Married Man

Think you would never date a married man?

Think you would never date a married man?

When I first met him, I told myself it could never happen. He was married and the last thing I needed in my life was to become a cliché. Now here I sit, 4 years later, and I have become just that. I was stupid enough to end up in a situation where I was dating a married man.

It wasn’t something that happened overnight, mind you, it was a long, seductive process that, in hindsight, seemed like his plan from the very start. It’s hard to badmouth someone you love, but when their love is conditional, it makes it that much easier.

Dating a married man

He courted me as though he were a single man and, for a couple of months (before I began to fall for him), I really believed he was single.

It all started when I spotted him at the café I frequent when I need some alone time. He walked in and we had an immediate connection. He was tall, handsome and had a rugged appeal.

He approached me after getting his coffee and, after a few minutes of talking, I felt as though this could be the man of my dreams. He looked like my ideal man.

That’s when my eyes fell for him.

My brain and my heart followed

After a month or so of talking constantly and getting to know each other better, we realized that we had so much in common and wanted so many of the same things out of life.

We would speak daily and we would kiss for hours like teenagers. It was as if we were taking things slow to make sure that we don’t mess things up in the long-term.

That’s when my brain fell for him.

By the second month, I was sure that I would spend the rest of my life with this man. He would tell me of his childhood and how he developed his weird little habits that I found endearing.

He made me feel like there was no other woman in the world but me, and that made me feel so safe and secure in this relationship that was become everything I had ever wanted.

That’s when my heart fell for him.

My life dating a married man

Then it happened. I began inquiring as to why I never met any of his friends or never saw where he lives, and before I knew it, my whole world was turned upside down. He told me that he was still legally married but was planning to get a divorce from his wife.

It was at this point that I should’ve said “to the left, to the left,” but instead I listened to what he had to say and accepted that he planned to leave his wife and spend his life with me.

Shortly after that, we made love. And our chemistry in the bedroom was unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life. It was as though our bodies meshed together and I could feel his sensations and he could feel mine.

That’s when my body fell for him.

Within a few months’ time, he was spending nights at my place and we were together for entire weekends. It was impossible that he wasn’t at least separated from his wife, so rather than argue during our time together, I opted to avoid asking any questions.

There were mornings when I’d wake up and catch him just staring at me, admiring my face, my body, everything. He would tell me how much he loves me and about our future together with children and a beautiful home, and I believed every word he said because it sounded so sincere.

That’s when my soul fell for him.

That’s when I became the cliche mistress… Read on >>

  • Gina

    Girlfriends never ever ever do this to yourself, I don’t do married men EVER, I’m smarter than that…I’m secure and don’t need love or to get laid that much….he’ll never care for you or leave his miserable wife for you….and you know what I say to married men that approach me and tell me “my wife doesn’t understand me”….I just smile and tell him….”if your wife doesn’t understand you, how the hell am I going to understand you”….works every time…and you have the power then darling….you’ll rise above him.

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