8 Signs He’s Not Interested

8 signs he's not interested

8 signs he's not interested

Perhaps it’s because it’s the way the world works, but it seems that most men can more easily deal with being rejected than women can. After all, how often do women really get rejected? How often do they put themselves on the line to get rejected?

So when the signs he’s not interested begin surfacing, most women tend to dismiss them as phases or try to reconcile that it’s a momentary reaction that has nothing to do with her. Ah, ladies, ladies, ladies.

Although a guy usually won’t come right out and say it, he definitely gives off signs he’s not interested (he sticks around because you’re probably sleeping with him or spending money on him). What you need to do is open your eyes to reality and find a guy who wants to be in your company for the long haul.

Rejection isn’t easy for most of us, despite gender, but sometimes a good dose of it extends us the humility we need so badly. Here, now, are the signs he’s not interested in you,

Signs he’s not interested #1

He doesn’t call

If you do all the calling, or if the phone call ratio is 4:1, then there’s a good chance your guy is just not interested. If you haven’t been paying attention to the phone call scenario, perhaps it’s time you did.

It’s very possible that he’s just not a phone guy; most guys aren’t. But if you call him a handful of times a day and you get the cut off or the machine most of the time, then this is definitely one of the signs he’s not interested in you.

Signs he’s not interested #2

He insults you

It’s hard to admit, but it’s the people who hurt us most that we seem to spend our time chasing after; that’s what makes it so difficult to deal with rejection.

If every time you’re with him, he barrages you with insulting commentary, regardless of whether or not he says “I’m joking” afterwards, this is a man who lacks respect for you and is not interested in seeing you in the future. And no, he’s not using negs here; negs are when a man playfully taunts you by saying something like, “You seem like too good a girl”; this guy puts you down and makes you feel small.

Signs he’s not interested #3

He asks about your friends

After meeting a couple of your friends, he makes it his mission to let you know that he finds one, or some, of them hot. If that weren’t bad enough, he’s obvious about his intentions.

From asking if she’s single to whether or not any of you have ever dated guys the other has been with, he seems determined to let you know that he thinks your friend is hot and, if given the opportunity, would sleep with her.

Hopefully, you’re not so dumb that you begin to get angry at her or, worse, avoid her.

Signs he’s not interested #4

You’re not in his future plans

Although you keep trying to get him to admit that you’re dating or cave in to a monogamous relationship with you, he’s just not having it and would rather die than utter those words.

If that weren’t hurtful enough, whenever he talks of the future, he never, ever says “we.” He always talks about going on vacation by himself or, if he does talk about marriage, it’s more like “when I get married to whomever…” You are never part of his future equation.

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  • http://www.carolime.com caro

    I think there are more subtle signs that someone doesn’t like you, than even these things you’ve listed.
    i.e. not every guy is going to get to the point of using the girl’s money, not taking her to his place, trying to date her friends– I think that’s a very specific kind of guy that’s not simply just NOT INTERESTED in a girl but is also generally a bad person:)

    there are guys who are not interested for their own rightful reasons of the heart–
    * the sort that are OK with making plans if they have an excess of free time but don’t go out of their way or squeeze you into their packed schedule but always manage to make that time for friends-
    *the kind of guy who calls you over and whose closer circle of regular friends you’ve met, but who doesn’t tell you to come out with his large, outer circle of friends in public places where it would become understood to the masses that he’s involved
    *the guy who doesn’t want to meet up with you for a few minutes to chat or grab a snack even if you’re in the same area for the same period of time and even if you haven’t seen each other in ages:)

    anyway i must sound bitter but this is what i recall from my past experience and the opposite of which i recognize as positive signs of interest now!:P