Why Men Shouldn’t Pay For Dates

Why men should'nt pay for dates

Why men should'nt pay for dates

Times have changed big-time. Women no longer hang out in the kitchen preparing hot meals and taking care of babies. No. Sisters are doing it for themselves. Women are earning their keep and enjoying this sense of independence that their great-grandmothers never had the opportunity to bask in.

But with all this freedom comes some drawbacks – men and women are still at a point where we’re not sure what proper etiquette is and what is borderline offensive. But then, is it really fair of women to pick and choose which traditions benefit them?

And so I introduce to you the reasons why men shouldn’t pay for dates.

First date pay

Okay, so I’m a sucker for the first date. Even if Miss Knee Pads practically begged me for the first date, I am going to pay. I blame it on my mother, but that’s the way it’s going to work. Even if she gets offended and never calls. Even if she remarks that it doesn’t mean I’m getting laid. I will always pay for that first date. And pray she doesn’t order the lobster.

So that said, of course, the first date is always the man’s responsibility. But come that second date. Whoa there, Knee Pads, you better bust out that MasterCard of yours because the $10 lychee martini and the lychee that came with it are not on me.

Why men shouldn’t pay for dates #1

Women earn money

Women are earning a helluva lot more money; some even earn more than men, so why is it on men to foot the bill on a dinner date, or any type of date for that matter? Men shouldn’t pay for dates because women can not only afford to foot the bill, they can even pay for our cab ride home after the night’s over. Okay, maybe I’m pushing it here.

The point is that women make some sweet coin and relying on us to pay for date after date is simply ludicrous.

Why men shouldn’t pay for dates #2

Women make first moves

If date #1 is coming to a close and she moves in, grabs my hand and says “I had such a lovely time, why don’t we get together again next Saturday night for dinner?” you can bet I’m expecting this lovely lady to cue the waiter for the check on that second date.

Why? Well, it all comes down to logic. If I invite you out to a Lakers game and you show up, and then after the game’s over I say, “Donna, you owe me $200. Will that be cash or check?” you’d be hella pissed. My invitation obviously left you with the assumption that I was treating, right? Welcome to date #2.

If Miss Sex Eyes decides that she wants to further seduce me with her well-tweezed eyebrows over dinner for a second time and she asks me out, then yeah, she better pay. Especially if I shelled out for the first one.

If a chick asks me out and she doesn’t pay (or at least make the offer), I do not, I repeat, I do not call her back. There are certain unwritten rules in dating and this is one of them.