Charlie Sheen Arrested On Christmas

Charlie Sheen arrested on Christmas

Charlie Sheen arrested on Christmas

Poor Charlie Sheen; it seems he was better off when he was hanging with Heidi Fleiss’ hookers and getting ripped on cocaine.

Now that he’s giving domestic life a go, it seems to be one hurdle after another for him. First, Denise Richards pulled his testicles out of his eyeballs by divorcing him and taking full custody of their daughters, and now he gets arrested on Christmas day for giving his new wife, Brooke Mueller, the apparent beat down.

Word has it that Brooke Mueller was drunk and but that Charlie Sheen was not hopped up on the sauce when the two got into a fight and he smacked her around. She called that police and he was hauled off to jail.

Of course, Charlie Sheen says that Brooke Mueller started it and he was just defending himself, which isn’t incredibly difficult to believe.

Charlie Sheen was released on $8,500 bail and his court date in on February 8, 2010. I’m also guessing that the two might not last very long.

Denis Richards must be cracking up into her alimony checks.


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