6 Reasons Why Your Sexting Never Works Out As Planned


You’d think after the hundredth or so scandal sexting would fall by the wayside, but you’d be wrong. Even though the risk of getting caught is higher than ever, sexting reamins a staple of the modern sex life. Getting it right though, that’s still pretty tricky. Here are some of the common mistakes we see people making when sexting, learn from them so you can do it right next time.

1. Didn’t Set The Mood

Just like when you’re trying to seduce someone IRL, setting the mood for a sext session is key. You can’t just jump into a sexually explicit conversation, things can get weird really quickly. Plus, what if someone has borrowed their phone? Or they’ve left it unattended, out in the open (which, okay, is pretty dumb). Make sure you sext recipient is ready for you to unleash your barrage of sexiness before you do. Toss in a few flirty lines before you get to the good stuff.

2. Picked The Wrong Time

First thing in the am, really late at night, not great times for sexting. Try to pick midday or early evening for your sextacular shenanigans. No one wants to read that over their morning oatmeal.

3. Forgot to Mix Media

A picture can tell a thousand words, this is as true inside the bedroom as it is outside of it. So it’s important to remember to mix in a few salacious pics with the steamy words you write and vice-versa. You don’t need to go full nude and it’s probably best if you don’t. Instead of a selfie, send your loved one a snap of something yummy to eat with the caption “I’d love to lick this off you” just choose your dish wisely as chocolate will probably go over better than meatloaf.

4. TL;DR

While the historically, letter-writing has been a tried and true wooing strategy, currently our ADD tendencies means anything over 200 words feels like a novel. So wrap it up, Shakespeare you’re not. Keep it quick, hot and brief. Always leave them wanting more.

5. Wrong Person

This is the nightmare: you type out something hot and steamy, only to hit send to the wrong person! This can happen one of two ways: you send a message intended for someone else to the wrong contact or, you’ve overestimated the flirtatious nature of the relationship you have with the sender. Either way, think it through before you send off a sexy missive.

6. Half-Assed It

“I’m not wearing pants” isn’t exactly going to whip them into a frenzy. Put some thought into your verbal seduction. If all else fails, crib from the experts and steal a line from 50 Shades of Grey!