10 Ways Women Bruise A Man’s Ego

10 ways to bruise a man's ego

10 ways to bruise a man's ego

It’s not at all difficult to bruise a man’s ego, and women seem to do it famously.

The worst part is that sometimes women don’t even intend to hurt a man’s ego; it happens by mistake. And here are 10 ways women tend to bruise a man’s ego.

Ways women bruise a man’s ego #1

Poke his gut

Whether a woman is being playful by poking his gut or mentioning that perhaps he should step away from the Krispy Kremes, no man takes it well when a woman points out his gut.

Ways women bruise a man’s ego #2

Insult his job

Men place their self worth on the money they make and their profession, so when you mock him or imply that his job is just not that big a deal, it hurts his feelings and quite frankly, he doesn’t like it.

Ways women bruise a man’s ego #3

Make passive-aggressive comments about his penis

Saying anything remotely close to “I’m so happy your penis is not big, otherwise I would constantly have urinary tract infections,” doesn’t bode well for men, no matter how nicely you put it.

Ways women bruise a man’s ego #4

Talk nice about a guy he hates

If he hates a guy, by association alone, you have to hate this guy too. And if you dare say anything remotely in the other guy’s favor, you will damage the man you’re with – point-final. And he might start to resent you for it.

Ways women bruise a man’s ego #5

Laugh during sex

He’s pounding away and you’re enjoying it, but for some reason, the image of your friend taking a wipe out earlier that day pops into your head and you start cracking up. Even if you explain it to him, he’ll think that you’re so bored that you’re reviewing your day and ED might start to take over.

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  • Mintii

    Wait.. what? You’re not allowed to laugh during sex?

  • John Alastair

    What I find disagreeable about this article is the usage of the word “ego”. Because of the nature of many women, using that word is simply a pass to be insensitive, uncaring, and offensive. The easiest way for women to devalue the feelings of men is to refer to his feelings collectively as his “ego”. That way she can say totally offensive and insulting things to/about him, and if he’s insulted, who cares? It’s just his bruised male ego, nothing important. If I poke my wife’s fat gut, or comment passively about her small rack, she’d be highly offended by that, too. Of course, no one would refer to that as hurting her ego. If she did something similar to me, that would be referred to as shattering my ego. Why? Because referring to it in that way excuses it. After all, she didn’t hurt his feelings, she just bruised his ego. That way, not only can she get away with it, she actually looks justified (because, after all, why should guys be walking around with inflated “egos” anyway?).

  • Lovelyguyvishal6

    please teach some ways to women or men to be closed it will let every women far from men
    please this is completly harmful please any women dont do this dont forget humanity

  • sexycani

    Lmao the last one was hilarious

  • I’mADork IDon’tCare

    My boyfriend and I squish eachother’s tummies all the time! It’s cause we aren’t super uptight people who only find super models attractive. We both th laugh during sexual activity because we’re both very silly.

    Maybe it doesn’t bruise his ego cause he’s not a pussy.

  • I’mADork IDon’tCare

    Nah, laughing during sex is normal.