10 Male Sex Fantasies

Male sex fantasies

Male sex fantasies

When it comes to sexual fantasies, men have got themselves covered. Given that men sometimes fantasize about their girlfriends’ friends and fantasize about their girlfriends with their own guy friends, it’s a pretty safe bet that most, if not all, men share the following fantasies.

And the beauty of sex fantasies is that they can remain just that; there’s no need to actually realize them because the thought alone is enough to satisfy a man. Unless, of course, there are women out there who are willing to go all the way in order to satisfy their man.

Male sex fantasies #1


Domination is the thing of alpha males, but even guys who don’t have that “leader” streak imagine themselves ravaging you and making you do as they say. From commanding you to get on your knees to telling you how and when to ride him, taking complete control in the bedroom and having an obedient woman are the things many male fantasies are made of.

Male sex fantasies #2


As much as men enjoy being in positions of power and control throughout their professional and personal lives, it’s something of a fantasy among men to be sexually dominated. Many a man has imagined you taking control in bed and turning an ordinary night of sex into one in which he has to do as you say.

Many men dream of being ravaged by women, giving up all control and obeying her demands.

Male sex fantasies #3

Bondage – S/M

The idea of being tied up, blindfolded and even whipped by a woman garners a huge “hell yeah!” from men everywhere. A couple of props that ensure we know you’re the leader and we must do as you say really work wonders for our libido. There’s a little bit of pleasure in a little bit of pain, no doubt.

As well, we enjoy taking the lead — spanking and talking dirty to you are only some of the bondage scenarios we imagine.

Male sex fantasies #4


One of the ultimate in fantasies is that scene in Eye Wide Shut where Tom Cruise ends up at a high-class orgy with nothing but a sea of gorgeous women in masks. Having a harem of women there for the taking is nothing short of heaven for men.

Male sex fantasies #5

Being watched while having sex

Whether it’s leaving the blinds open or in a room full of other sexy couples, the image of having sex while others watch gives men a sense of anxiety and sexual rush that you can’t get via sex alone. Being able to arouse others with his performance has a profound effect on a man’s libido.

Male sex fantasies #6

Playing with his G-spot

The male g-spot is located in the prostate and, although most men may not want to admit it, we fantasize about having you touch the area and bring us to orgasm. We imagine you going down on us and pleasing our penis in ways we’ve never imagined, and then, just when we think it can’t get any better, you lick your finger and reach into our anus to massage our prostate, causing an explosive orgasm.

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